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Instant Accept


Point of Sale

Instant Accept and QuickBooks Point of Sale

Instant Accept paired with QuickBooks Point of Sale offers all of the basic needs for your businesses bookkeeping and goes one step further by adding payment processing which syncs to QuickBooks automatically and additional reporting which improves your bottom line. With Instant Accept you can save yourself and your business time and money by eliminating […]

Omni-Channel Tokenization

Instant Accept offers more opportunities for merchants to increase their revenue by offering customers their own stored profile for future sales across multiple platforms all while keeping their customers personal data safe. This process is called Omni-channel tokenization.  It gives merchants and their customers more opportunities for purchasing options. More Options for Revenue With Omni-Channel […]

Integrate CardPointe’s EMV Certified Terminals with Instant Accept

Process Transactions Directly Within Instant Accept Through EMV certified CardPointe Integrated Terminals Instant Accept (IA) and its proprietary accounting plugin solution that enables the only true dynamic accounting program integration for creating and paying invoices has completed its integration for CardConnect’s CardPointe Integrated terminals platform. Making integrations with CardPointe’s EMV certified CardPointe Integrated terminals even […]

Creating Invoices For QuickBooks From Within Instant Accept

Creating Invoices and Updating QuickBooks Many businesses have salespeople and outside service people that take orders and payments remotely. These new orders and payments then need to be manually entered into the business’s QuickBooks® accounting package. This can be time-consuming and increases the possibility of entry errors. Instant Accept offers a solution to this problem. […]

Benefits of Using Instant Accept Point of Sale

Point of Sale – Instant Accept with QuickBooks The integration between Instant Accept point of sale and QuickBooks is not just another plugin.  It is the only true integrated software that syncs with your payment processing information with your QuickBooks data file. Because of our integration you will find that you have more time to […]

Instant Accept Point of Sale Video Demo

Using QuickBooks? Want to start accepting payments? Instant Accept Point of Sale works with QuickBooks Point of Sale software to help you easily accept payments. It’s integrated with QuickBooks to sync your payments with QuickBooks making less work for you at the end of day.  Less data entry gives you the time to spend on […]

Issue a Refund Within QuickBooks Point of Sale

Issuing a Refund in QuickBooks Point of Sale Option 1 – Need to refund a transaction? Walkthrough this tutorial about issuing a refund. Click on the “Sales History” icon in the center top of your QuickBooks Point of Sale screen. Go to the top center of your QuickBooks Point of Sale screen. In the “Search” […]

Instant Accept Point of Sale Overview

How Does Instant Accept Point of Sale Work The question I hear most often when talking about Instant Accept Point of Sale is “How does it work?” In this blog post I will go through how Instant Accept can work for you and your business. First, a little about Instant Accept Point of sale. Instant […]

Gift Cards Program Coming Soon!

Gift Cards Program Instant Accept is pleased to announce that  we are offering a Gift Card program that will be coming out soon!  With our gift cards service you will be able to issue and accept in store gift cards.   You are able to accept gift card payments from within your QuickBooks Point of Sale in the […]

Introducing Instant Accept

Greetings from Instant Accept! Since you are here reading this blog post, then you should have some inkling of what Instant Accept is. That’s good! If not, then not a problem because today I’m going to introduce Instant Accept and present an overview of it so all you current and would-be QuickBooks users have a […]

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