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Instant Accept




Frequently Asked Questions

Instant Accept provides users with freedom of choice while providing you value-added features that save time and money. No matter what version of Quickbooks® you use, you can create invoices, accept payments, and automatically apply the payments to your Quickbooks® accounting. Using Instant Accept allows you to choose whichever processor you would like so that you can negotiate your own fees and find the best deal out there. Other than the fees, Instant Accept has added many enhancements that allow you to have more security and additional functionality that QuickBooks® does not offer.


YES, any gift cards with the VISA or MasterCard logo are supported. Instant Accept also has its own gift card platform available for its merchants and their customers.


Yes. Contact your sales representative to setup.


Yes, the Instant Accept gateway supports setting your batch close time, of course this is dependent upon on your payment processor and your merchant account type.


All Microsoft supported versions of windows are supported. MAC operating systems are not currently supported.

Instant Accept has added many enhancements to QuickBooks including the ability to store customer credit card information in a PCI compliant vault that is not found on the local PC QuickBooks is running on, run transactions from other devices (such as a mobile app or a shopping cart) and pull those transactions back in to your local version of QuickBooks and Instant Accept eliminates the need for a separate POS terminal which will cut out the hassle of re-keying all of your transactions back in to QuickBooks. These are not all of the benefits that come with using Instant Accept, in fact; each version of Instant Accept come with additional program specific enhancements. To learn more, schedule a free demo today!


Instant Accept can be used without a merchant account but in order to do real time payments with credit cards you would need to have a active merchant account. If you need a merchant account, no problem we can assist you!

Yes, you can keep the processor you are currently with.

Instant Accept is connected to a gateway and this will be the only gateway you will need for the software.


Please refer to your Sales Representative for pricing of Instant Accept.


No, Instant Accept only supports Windows based versions of QuickBooks.


Instant Accept works with QuickBooks Financial (Pro, Premiere and Enterprise) from 2010 to current, QuickBooks Point of Sale (Basic and Pro) Version 13 to Current and QuickBooks Online.


We are open Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm EST


Yes, Instant Accept works with many ACH processors. We can either work with an existing ACH account, or help obtain one.


Yes, after setup, you can give your customers the option of paying invoices online using any payment method active on your account, ACH or credit card.

Absolutely. You can store ACH or credit card customer profiles with us for future use.

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