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Instant Accept



Instant Accept Features

Instant Accept is a simple point of sale system. Instant Accept features provide merchants the ability to process transactions at the point of sale, online or via a mobile device or tablet. Customers can pay with cash, credit or debit cards, ACH, electronic check, or Check21—whatever works best. You can even assign payments to an invoice or customer, without even having to open your program.
Bartender entering sale into point of sale terminal

Behind the Scenes of Instant Accept

Instant Accept takes care of the nitty-gritty details. It can create new accounts and new invoices, update accounts as needed, and generate reports in real-time. All of this happens automatically, without the need to reconcile or re-key data. So, bookkeeping that used to take loads of “after hours” time can now happen much more quickly and efficiently. No need to reconcile or re-key your data.

You can keep what you have …OR… keep everything in one place by using Instant Accept with the industry’s most robust payment gateway.

With Instant Accept, you do not have to switch from your current payment gateway or processor. But you still get access to nearly every payment processor in the U.S. So, you can stick with what works for you, or shop around for the best service and lowest fees. Instant Accept frees you to do whatever is best for your business.You can also take advantage of Instant Accept’s gateway integration, which will give you access to even more options. Plus, you’ll be covered by some of the best fraud protection tools available on the market.

EMV and POS+

The adoption of EMV-chipped credit cards has been announced by MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. It’s on the forefront of all point of sale providers’ minds and merchants alike. For those of you contemplating your EMV strategy, Instant Accept POS+, our newest addition to WorldPay, could very well be a key component of that strategy.
Point of Sale Logo for Instant Accept
Screenshot of payment transactions with Instant Accept


However you do business, Instant Accept makes it easy to keep customer payments synchronized with merchant’s QuickBooks program. Accept payments through Instant Accept’s integration and assign them to an invoice without opening your bookkeeping software.Instant Accept does more than just work with QuickBooks, it gives merchants the ability to be on the move and accept payments where ever and whenever they want!

Payment Acceptance​

Instant Accept is different from other point of sale systems in that it supports the payment methods your customers most want to use, whether they buy from you in person, online, or over the phone. Supported payment methods include:
Instant Accepts payments screen on monitor
Multiple devices for Instant Accept

Bookkeeping Software Integration

Instant Accept gives you immediate access to complete customer and transaction information.

Gateway Integration

With Instant Accept point of sale software, you also have the option to go through a different gateway and expand processor options. In fact, using Instant Accept gateway integration will give you access to nearly every payment processor in the U.S. saving you the headache of going through the process. This not only saves you the headache of switching from your existing processor but potentially could save you money by shopping around and lowering your fees.
Screenshot of Example of Transaction History in Instant Accept


Instant Accept’s robust reporting allows you to keep close tabs on transaction processing issues and provides quick insight into payment status and activity. Reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual or even custom time-frame.

Why Not Keep Everything in One Place​

Don’t have a merchant account yet? Or maybe you have a merchant account already, we can meet or beat your current rates.Click below if you would like to get started processing payments now. You can get started today and you can start your payment processing within hours. Not quite sure yet? Try out the Free Trial of Instant Accept or request a personalized one on one demo.
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