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Instant Accept


Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention is a set of measures and strategies implemented to detect, deter, and mitigate fraudulent activities. It involves various techniques and technologies designed to protect individuals, businesses, and organizations from deceptive practices that can result in financial losses, identity theft, or other harmful consequences.

Fear of Fraud Shouldn’t Paralyze Your Business

Fight fraud and free your business to grow.

IP Blocking and
Country of Origin

Block transactions that come from countries that have a high percentage of fraud.

Block Credit Card Numbers

Have a client using the same credit card over and over again? Block it at the source.


Verify the card holder by checking CVC and Zip Code at the point of credit card entry.


In addition to blocking entire countries you can also block individual transactions based on the consumer’s billing address.

Payment Gateway Fraud Prevention Features

Payment fraud will never go away. Meaning your business is always fighting against fraud. Without the proper systems in place, your business may not win the battle. But with Instant Accept, you’ll get industry standard fraud protection and all the tools necessary to win the fight against payment Fraud with our FRsK First™ risk management tools .

The FRsK First™ suite of tools has been designed to help you prevent fraud. Instant Accept is tightly integrated with our payment platform and the FRsK First™ tools providing you with flexible and secure payment acceptance options. In addition to the FRsK First™ tools, our payment technology is housed and protected in a PCI Level 1 certified data center with multi-location redundancy and backup.

Instant Accept the FRsK First™ tools empowers you to run your business your way by removing the burden of payment fraud from your daily operations.


Fraud Protection Features:
Powered by FRsK First™ and Offered by Instant Accept:

Fight Fraud with the Strength of the Instant Accept Network

Old ways of combating fraud were never designed for the modern business. With Instant Accept you – the business owner – have complete control over your Fraud protection service. Setup custom rules by simply checking different boxes. Each transaction you process will then be run through this comprehensive set of rules to determine if there is any potential risks. Get started with our industry standard fraud protection services by setting up a demo with our sales team today.

Trained by Millions of Transactions

Millions of transactions are run through Instant Accept every month. Even if a credit card is new to your business, there’s a high chance Instant Accept has seen the card before.

This enables Instant Accept to serve as your protective and proactive fraud prevention tool. Our platform can recognize fraud before a transaction is even processed.


The User Profile feature allows the merchant to process returning customers without the need to store sensitive and confidential customer information on the merchant’s server. Storing sensitive information requires secure servers, in addition to various certifications. Instant Accept is CISP (Visa’s Cardholder Information Security Program) certified.

SSL Technology

The SSL security protocol provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and optional client authentication for a TCP/IP connection. Because SSL is built into all major browsers and web servers, simply installing a digital certificate turns on their SSL capabilities.

Run Your Business— Without Fear of Fraud

Customers using Instant Accept through the payment gateway integration have built-in fraud tools that can be activated by a simply checking a box. Each transaction submitted can be filtered through a comprehensive series of fraud prevention rules to determine potential risk. Start protecting your business and your customers by starting a free trial of Instant Accept and find out how we can help protect merchants from fraud.
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