Get Started With Your Hosted Payment Page

To setup a hosted payment page for your website, simply login to the portal and 1. Go to Acquiring 2. Then click on Virtual Terminal 3.  Click Hosted Payment Page This is also where you can give the API needed for your web development person or department to setup the page for you. Learn More […]

Token Manager

Expanding on last month’s tip for token manager here is a short video to help you walk-through the process. In the Instant Accept Web Portal you can manage your stored cards in the token manager. You will go to Acquiring > Token Manager. This will display the list of your stored cards. You can click the […]

Manage Stored Credit Cards Tip

To manage the stored credit cards you have on file, please log in to the Instant Accept web portal. Then on the left side go to Acquiring side of the menu, click on Token manager. Token Manager is where you can update or remove stored cards for your customers.

Managing Stored Profiles

To create a stored profile, open the Virtual Terminal. 1. click on the “save profile” box in the virtual terminal when processing a transaction. 2. An additional details field will pop-up where you can fill in the customer information.

Bolt Terminal Transactions Through Virtual Terminal

From the Virtual Terminal, Click “go to send the transaction to the bolt terminal”, Enter the card to complete the transaction. Learn More About the CardPointe Bolt Terminal Integration Contact us to find out how Integrating CardPointe’s EMV Certified Bolt Terminals with Instant Accept can help your business. Lean More Schedule a Demo Want to […]

Setting Up a Convenience Fee

To set-up a convenience fee, simply log into the Instant Accept gateway, 1. Go to Hierarchy 2. Click on the “Convenience Fee” tab. You can select what type and how much of a convenience fee you would like to set-up and save. Want to see more tips and tricks to help you find ways to […]

Verify QuickBooks Connection with Instant Accept

May 2020 Tips and Tricks for Instant Accept and QuickBooks Verifying Your Connection In your system tray, you can right click on the Instant Accept service icon and check the status to verify you are connected. Want to see more tips and tricks to help you find ways to speed up your bookkeeping and payment […]

Issues Viewing QuickBooks Open Invoices

Cannot View My QuickBooks Open Invoices Within InstantAccept Online All QuickBooks open invoices should be viewable within your InstantAccept Online account when you are logged in.  If for some reason you are not able to view your open invoices the following steps should help fix the issue. NOTE: Before starting the walkthru process make sure […]

Process Payments in QuickBooks Update

Default Process Payments Update This tutorial will help QuickBooks Pro, Premiere & Enterprise Users to process payments. Did you know that you no longer have to worry about unchecking the “Process Payments when saving” box located within the “Customer Payment” screen? Please follow these steps to eliminate that extra step: Click Lists Customer & Vendor […]

Edit Signature Line on Receipts

How to Edit Signature Line Receipt Follow these steps to edit signature line of your QuickBooks and InstantAccept Receipts. Go to your POS home screen then select I Want to<IA POS Settings<Receipt Print If you have a logo you would like to upload, simply click on the “Logo” box and upload your png formatted picture. […]

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