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Hosted Payments Page: Online Checkout for QuickBooks Users

Hosted Payments Page

Easily Collect Payments from your Website

With Instant Accept’s hosted payment page you can create a seamless online checkout experience and start collecting payments directly from your website by embedding our pre-made payments page.


Hosted Payments Page Example

What is a Hosted Payments Page?

If you’ve ever purchased something online you’re probably familiar with an online shopping cart.When you “checkout” and purchase goods online you’re using a hosted payment page to do so.Hosted payment pages ensure secure transactions and enable merchants and consumers to buy and sell goods online.

How does Online Checkout Work?

A hosted payment page gives you the option to customize the customer checkout experience. Whether you need to optimize for online payments, donations or service offerings Instant Accept’s Online .Online checkouts enable your business to get paid fast without dealing with any of the paperwork.Hosted Payment pages also ensure secure payments and protect merchants and consumers from payment fraud.
Hosed Payment Page Process Flow Diagram
Want to learn more. Check out our in-depth post on a Hosted Payment Page.

Increase Sales with a Better Online Checkout

Merchants see a significant drop in cart abandonment when choosing to use a Hosted Payment Page on their website.

Online checkout provides a much easier payment process and enables your customers to buy goods and services from your website, social media account or marketing emails without any hiccups.

Let customers find your online payment page for an easy checkout experience. Easily direct customers to your hosted payments page by:

Getting Started with Online Checkout and the Hosted Payments Page

Start using Instant Accepts Hosted Payments Page to improve sales conversions and collect more payments from your website.To setup a hosted payment page, simply log into the Instant Accept gateway, and navigate to → Acquiring → Virtual Terminal → Hosted Payment Page.Here is where you can find the information needed to embed the hosted payment page directly on your websiteNot using Instant Accept yet? Get in contact with our sales team or schedule a free demo below!

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