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Instant Accept


Payment Acceptance

Payment Acceptance

Payment acceptance is a crucial aspect of business operations, allowing companies to receive payments from customers for goods or services. Instant Accept, based on its name, might be a platform or service that facilitates quick and efficient payment processing. Instant Accept supports the payment methods your customers most want to use, whether they buy from you in person, online, or over the phone.

Multi-Site, Multi-Source, One Set of Books

With Instant Accept, you can process payments originating at multiple sites – like different retail points of sale or different online storefronts – and feed those transactions to a single company record in QuickBooks®. No need to set up a “pseudo business” for each location, storefront or POS terminal in QuickBooks®. Instant Accept’s payment gateway automatically assigns a unique identifier for each “site” tracked and then automatically pushes that data into the assigned company record. You can view transaction history at the micro or macro level with zero manual intervention. Likewise, you only need one merchant account with Instant Accept. Everything stays integrated and consistent in QuickBooks®. This means as your business gets bigger, your bookkeeping workload doesn’t.


Accept ALL Payment Methods

Supported payment methods include:

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Simplified Invoice and Sales Receipt Creation

Invoices are the linchpins of your record keeping. Nothing happens without them. But you can’t always put a transaction on hold until you open your bookkeeping program and create an invoice. Instant Accept frees you to create an invoice or sales receipt on the spot – without launching your program – so you can accept a payment, create an audit-able record immediately, and keep your business moving.

Doing business with a new customer?

It’s easy to capture their data at the point of sale, and Instant Accept keeps your data up to date in real-time. You can capture all of the customer, product, service, and pricing information you need on a single screen, and Instant Accept feeds that information back to your accounting program automatically. You can even print and email invoices and generate custom receipts right from Instant Accept.


Multiple Billing and Payment Schedule Options

Upon receipt of full payment, Instant Accept automatically updates the customers associated invoice as paid. With partial, recurring, and split payments, the invoice remains open in your bookkeeping program until final payment is received and the invoice is zeroed out. Not all transactions are created equal. Instant Accept gives you the flexibility to accept payments for different payment terms and schedules, such as:

Customer Payment Portal

In addition to directly processing payments, you can also give your customers the option of paying online through Instant Accept’s Customer Payment Portal. Just email the invoice and your customers simply click on a link and pay online. The portal connects through Instant Accept’s gateway functionality and pulls in the relevant data to complete the transaction.


Start Accepting All Forms of Payments Today!

Instant Accept brings more functionality with bookkeeping programs. Accept multiple forms of payment types on the go or from your mobile device. Your stress of keeping your bookkeeping data up-to-date is all taken care of with gateway data sync. Instant Accept comes with a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Why not get started today and test out Instant Accept or request a free personalized demo.


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