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Instant Accept




With Instant Accept, Merchants ARE NOT limited to accepting transactions on the device that runs QuickBooks® – usually a desktop PC. More importantly, customers are not limited either.

Process and Record Payment Transactions

However you do business, Instant Accept makes it easy to keep customer payments synchronized with QuickBooks. Through Instant Accept’s single user interface or point of sale (POS), merchants are able to process and record payment transactions from multiple payment sources and assign a payment to a QuickBooks® invoices without ever opening QuickBooks. Behind the scenes, Instant Accept takes care of the details.  Within the Instant Accept User Interface you can.

Instant Accepts payments screen on monitor
With the ability to associate payment and invoice amounts, Instant Accept allows you the opportunity to correct any mistakes that were entered. So instead of spending your time double checking invoices and payments, you have more time to do more important things. So bookkeeping that used to take loads of “after hours” saves you time and money.

Who’s Liable?

On October 1st, 2015, liability associated with the fraudulent use of counterfeit cards shifts from the card issuer to the acquirer – who is universally expected to shift that liability to the merchant. This shift only applies to merchants that have not implemented an EMV-enabled payment solution. Merchants are only liable for the amount of the fraudulent transaction. It does not affect the merchant’s liability pertaining to data breaches or ‘card not present’ (ecommerce) transactions – where the bulk of stolen cards are used.

For this reason, many merchants who have little risk of fraudulent transactions will likely wait to move to EMV until they’re due for a new Point of Sale, if at all. It’s important to understand that it is not a mandate, just a liability shift. POS providers should be taking on a consultative role to help their merchants determine whether the move to EMV is a good fit for their business.

Synchronize Your Data

Whichever way you do business, Instant Accept makes it easy to keep customer payments synchronized with QuickBooks. Rather than navigating multiple screens in QuickBooks to accept payments, or creating invoices and matching payments later, you can accept payments straight through Instant Accept’s standalone SaaS application and assign them to any QuickBooks invoice. You can also create a new sales receipt or customer record at the time of payment from a single Instant Accept screen. You don’t even need to open QuickBooks. Everything stays in sync, automatically. By utilizing Instant Accept to consolidate your payment transactions into one common software application, you can accept payments in multiple ways, including but not limited to:

Keep Your Financial and Customer Payment Data Secure and Private

A transaction is more than a purchase. It’s also a sign of trust. QuickBooks® also stores your customers’ credit card information on the same local hard drive. And regardless of your QuickBooks® account being password protected, this is not PCI-compliant. If someone breaks into your system, your customers’ credit card information is vulnerable — and you’ll be held accountable.

With Instant Accept, your sales associates process transactions and accept payments without ever opening QuickBooks®, keeping your company’s financial data secure and private. In addition, the payments you process with Instant Accept’s payment gateway integration are completely PCI-compliant. Instant Accept stores all payment information directly in the gateway – not on your PC – keeping unauthorized users from accessing critical customer, credit card, and banking information at the point of sale.


Secure Payments and Data Protection with Instant Accept

Secure Payments Data Now!

QuickBooks® requires your main account to be open on the desktop to conduct transactions. If you don’t have the right security in place, any QuickBooks® user can access any of your company’s financial data — including employee salaries, banking and other financial information. Instant Accept takes care of securing your QuickBooks data by giving you options for different levels of access to specific data for each employee, accountant or anybody else who needs access.
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