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Instant Accept


Point of Sale Solution for QuickBooks Users

Point of Sale Solutions for QuickBooks

Easily accept payments in store or on the go and automatically sync payment transactions with your QuickBooks POS software.


Pair Instant Accept with QuickBooks Point of Sale

Save countless hours of bookkeeping by connecting Instant Accept with QuickBooks Point of Sale.  Connecting Instant Accept to QuickBooks POS will safely and securely to update your payment transactions to QuickBooks POS.

Key Benefits:

In Person or Virtual Transactions

Instant Accept can provide physical terminals and hardware so you can collect payments in person at your storefront or on the go. You can also use our virtual terminal to accept payments without using any additional hardware from anywhere on multiple devices.

How Does Instant Accept Point of Sale work?

Instant Accept Point of Sale is a seamless solution for payment acceptance. It integrates directly with all versions of QuickBooks and enables you to manage:

All Payment data is then synced with QuickBooks in real-time. You can accept all forms of payment types including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express which can be collected in person, online or over the phone. Your customers can also make payments with Debit cards, Check, ACH or Cash.

Instant Accept and QuickBooks Integration

Does Instant Accept Point-of-Sale work with my Processor?

Bartender entering sale into point of sale terminal
Yes! We currently support most payment processors. Just let our team know who your current provider is, and we’ll help you get everything setup correctly. With Instant Accept you can take control of your convenience fee and surcharge rates. Making it easy for you to manage payments your way. Already an Instant Accept user? Get in contact with our sales team to get physical terminals or receive help on setting up a virtual terminal. Not using Instant Accept yet? Get in contact with our sales team or schedule a free demo below!

Instant Accept Point of Sale and it's Features

How do I get started with Instant Accept POS?

If you have additional questions contact us by phone (855) 220-2840  or complete our contact us form or schedule a demo below.
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