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Instant Accept


Video Gallery


Video Gallery

Tutorials and walk-thrus to help businesses navigate their Instant Accept products and more.

Featured Videos

Instant Accept for Quickbooks Online
Setup and Tutorial

Introducing the ONLY TRUE DYNAMIC REAL-TIME QuickBooks Integration!

What is the Instant Accept and
QuickBooks Integration?

In this video we help our merchants walkthrough setting up Instant Accept and connecting to QuickBooks.

More Videos

How to Receive a Payment QuickBooks Desktop with Instant Accept

Saving Money by Implementing Convenience Fees
QuickBooks Desktop and Instant Accept Demo

QuickBooks with Instant Accept Legacy

QuickBooks Point of Sale and Instant Accept: How To Make a Sale
Instant Accept Online Video Demo
Instant Accept Point of Sale Video Demo

Looking for More Videos?

Be sure to go over to our YouTube channel if you can’t find what you are looking for here or just want to learn more about our Integration products for businesses and payments.

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