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Data breaches and cardholder fraud is costly and all too real, especially with small businesses that do not process a huge amount of money every month. EMV helps with security to help mitigate fraud and breaches that have been seen in the past with magstrips only.

Instant Accept POS+ Brings EMV to Point of Sale

The adoption of EMV-chipped credit cards has been announced by MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. It’s on the forefront of all point of sale providers’ minds and merchants alike. For those of you contemplating your EMV strategy, Instant Accept POS+, our newest addition to the WorldPay, could very well be a key component of that strategy. This migration will:
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Who’s Liable?

On October 1st, 2015, liability associated with the fraudulent use of counterfeit cards shifts from the card issuer to the acquirer – who is universally expected to shift that liability to the merchant. This shift only applies to merchants that have not implemented an EMV-enabled payment solution. Merchants are only liable for the amount of the fraudulent transaction. It does not affect the merchant’s liability pertaining to data breaches or ‘card not present’ (ecommerce) transactions – where the bulk of stolen cards are used.

For this reason, many merchants who have little risk of fraudulent transactions will likely wait to move to EMV until they’re due for a new Point of Sale, if at all. It’s important to understand that it is not a mandate, just a liability shift. POS providers should be taking on a consultative role to help their merchants determine whether the move to EMV is a good fit for their business.


Why Instant Accept POS+?

We’ve added a secure all-in-one EMV compatible product to Instant Accept that integrates into the point of sale transaction process. Instant Accept offers merchants the new EMV security component while keeping the standard PCI Security standards.

What does this mean for my business?

Businesses will then be responsible for fraud losses that occur as a result of a cardholder having to pay using a magnetic strip instead of a smart card due to a business not having a smartcard-capable device. To avoid this, businesses will need to get EMV ready point of sale equipment. Don’t wait and pay a large amount of money when you can get the terminal now!

Device Compatibility

We will match or beat your current rates. New EMV or “chip card” ready terminals are currently being sent out to merchants!

Will I still be able to accept traditional credit and debit cards?

Yes, credit card terminals will still have a magnetic stripe swipe reader and you can continue to accept payment cards that are not chip-enabled. Chip cards will also have a magnetic stripe during the U.S. migration to EMV, to ensure that customers can continue to pay until all merchants have been given the time to upgrade their equipment.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us below.  In the meantime feel free to check out our EMV FAQs.


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