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Hosted Payment Page and the Benefits to Merchants

Do you know what a Hosted Payment Page is and why it can benefit your business? We highly recommend most businesses to not only accept payments through their website and shopping cart, their brick and mortar stores, as well as, also implementing a hosted payment page in your everyday payment acceptance routine.

In this post we will be discussing the hosted payment page. But first we will introduce you to what it is and how it works.  Then, we will discuss the process of how it works and how to implement or use one. Finally we will discuss the advantages of using them. 

Introducing Another Way to Accept Payments

Having consistent multiple options to accept payments is a must for any business. With the constant changes in the payment processing world, merchants need to adapt and move quickly in order to increase revenue and their bottom lines. One option that provides merchants the ability to adapt is the Hosted Payment Page.

It gives merchants the ability to accept payments from a PC, mobile phone or tablet. This gives consumers more options to pay.  The simple page link can be easily integrated into all your payment options and marketing efforts. Implementing a Hosted Payment Page gives you the freedom to expand your payment acceptance options. It also provides your customers with a pleasant check out experience.

What is a Hosted Payment Page?

A Hosted Payment Page is simply a link provided by a payment processor or payment gateway. A merchant can then take the link and embed in their website or put behind a button for purchasing goods and services. Giving consumers more options when making purchases from their mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

It is designed to:

  • Create simple setup.
  • Reduce the possibility of fraud or a malicious hack and the chargeback responsibility.
  • Limit the PCI scope a merchant is required to have.
  • Have less cart abandonment.

How does it work?

Whether merchants accept donations, offer a service or sell goods, the Hosted Payment Page gives them the option to customize their customer checkout experience, specifically to their business needs. Instant Accept provides a fully customizable Hosted Payment Page integrated directly into our payment gateway.

Merchants have several options to choose from, within Instant Accept, to implement one by:

  1. A link on your web site
  2. A button on your web site
  3. A link provided in an email
  4. A link or button in your social media sites

The Process

Your customer selects or clicks your payment link or button. The customer, then, will be redirected to the Hosted Payment Page. At this point they can complete their purchase. This process is very simple.  Much like completing a contact for more information form found on most websites.

The customer will then complete all of the required fields within the page form fields.  The final step is then completed when the transaction is securely processed through the Instant Accept payment gateway.

Hosted Payment Page Process Flow Diagram

Merchants have a few ways to implement a one of these pages.

  1. Use a simple link provided by your payment provider (Simplest option)
  2. Use a link and add a simple line of code to your website. (Some technical skills may be required)
  3. Some payment providers may have the option to embed your page within a page of your website. This option can require a web developer, in some instances, if you are not familiar with how webpages are designed or built.

Whichever option works best for you, you reduce your liability for accepting payments and your overall risk of fraudulent activity.

Advantages of Using the Hosted Payment Pages.

While it is different from the usual way of taking payments through your website storefront there are advantages to accepting payments this way.

Some of those benefits can include the following.

Marketing Efforts

It offers merchants more options to accept payments through  places such as social media and email marketing. Although your business website is the most common use place. Simply put, the options are endless and simple.

Data Protection

With a Hosted Payment Page, you are essentially outsourcing your data protection to a third party. This leaves you less vulnerable to the risk of being hacked or dealing with fraud. The payment is only touched by the external payment processor or gateway. Which then, simplifies your PCIDSS compliance requirements.

While you are still required to be PCI compliant the provider carries the burden of staying on top of security and data encryption. Thereby leaving you and your business free from PCI compliant liabilities. In the unlikely chance your provider is hacked or there is fraud somewhere along the line, you are not responsible for customer reimbursement for fraudulent activity.

PCIDSS Requirements

Your scope of PCIDSS responsibilities becomes limited due to the payment provider handling the entire transaction. If your business only accepts payments through a Hosted Payment Page, your PCIDSS becomes simplified by saving your business time and money when completing the PCI questionnaire.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Merchants have seen a significant drop in cart abandonment when choosing to use a Hosted Payment Page rather than the traditional shopping cart. A traditional checkout can be cumbersome and often difficult to navigate for some customers. 

With this option, the ease of use provides a simpler way for your customers to checkout. Which then results in an increase of completed transactions, and increased revenue. It provides a much more likelihood of those customers returning to purchase your product again.

Find out if a Hosted Payment Page is right for you.

Contact us to find out more about our Hosted Payment Page options, please click the button below to contact one of our sales representatives. They will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

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