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Instant Accept


Instant Accept and Our QuickBooks Integration

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Instant Accept gives you and your business more opportunities to process credit cards and ACH payments directly through QuickBooks. You can automatically apply payments to open invoices and mark them as paid when the credit card or ACH transaction is complete. Instant Accept has also developed additional robust and flexible features that will streamline and improve your ability to invoice and accept payments.

The good news is, Instant Accept works with all the major credit card processors so you can KEEP your current credit card processing relationship.

How It Works

Record the sale in QuickBooks as an invoice or sales receipt. When you click the Save button, the system prompts you if you would like to process payment. Upon confirmation, the payment is processed securely over the internet through the Instant Accept secure payment gateway. The payment is recorded in QuickBooks and the pending sales receipt will be “closed”, or the invoice will be marked “Paid” along with a payment reference.

You can accept credit card payments in multiple ways:

Payment Terminals – your customers can swipe or dip their credit cards at the point of sale using a certified payment terminal

eCommerce Web Sites – your customers can enter payment information via the Instant Accept secure hosted payment page

Virtual Terminal – collect your customers credit card information over the phone or in person and have your staff enter the payment info into the Instant Accept Virtual Terminal.

Accessing Customer Data

Want to access the customer and invoice data from the point of sale? Concerned about unauthorized access to your QuickBooks® records? Instant Accept gives you immediate access to complete customer and transaction information without launching QuickBooks®, including:

  • The entire QuickBooks® company file for the merchant
  • Every customer’s billing and shipping information
  • All customer invoices and sales receipts
  • All product and service information including item numbers, descriptions, quantities, and pricing rates associated with each

Instant Accept Features

Instant Accept’s includes a robust set of additional payment features that will provide additional efficiencies and productivity:

  • ACH Processing
  • Recurring Billing
  • Credit card number tokenization
  • Emailing invoices with Pay Now button
  • Surcharging and convenience fees
  • Hosted Payment Page
  • Vitrual Terminal
  • Hierarchal company structure
  • Reporting
  • Real-time transaction synchronization

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration with Instant Accept is easy! Instant Accept integrates with QuickBooks® Online, Desktop Financials and Point of Sale. Inquire with our team if you would like to find out more information about other versions of QuickBooks.

Each integration is slightly different in order to connect to the configuration of each version of QuickBooks. For the Financial and Point of Sale versions, all that happens is a simple download of the software that will prompt you to run the installation wizard, open your QuickBooks® and enter in your credentials, it’s that simple.

For the Online version, you would simply open your Instant Accept Online portal, click connect to QuickBooks® Online, enter in your credentials and that’s it. Once integrated, you are on your way to a more efficient way to accept payments for your business.

Whichever version you use, you will be accepting payments in no time with Instant Accept’s QuickBooks Integration!

About QuickBooks

Still managing paper receipts or old antiquated Microsoft® programs to create custom invoices and sales receipts? Then QuickBooks® is for you! Manage bills, expenses, inventory, and payroll with QuickBooks®, by Intuit. QuickBooks® gives you the ability to quickly run customized profit and loss financial statements. Giving you the ability to review and make adjustments where needed to improve your businesses profits.

QuickBooks Features:

  • Connect banks and credit cards
  • Recurring Payments bill pay
  • Custom Invoicing, receipts, and estimates
  • Customized Reporting
  • Easy tax collaboration with your accountant
  • Link Receipts to transactions with a quick snapshot from your phone or tablet
  • Setup payroll taxes to be run automatically
  • Automatic Backups
  • Multiple devices

Instant Accept Alleviates Mistakes and Duplicate Entries

Why continue to use antiquated methods for accepting payments for your business. Today it is more important than ever to make your business run efficiently, not be strapped down with outdated accounting and bookkeeping methods.

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