Manage Stored Credit Cards Tip

To manage the stored credit cards you have on file, please log in to the Instant Accept web portal. Then on the left side go to Acquiring side of the menu, click on Token manager. Token Manager is where you can update or remove stored cards for your customers.

Saving Stored Profile Within Instant Accept

Saving Customer Stored Profiles for Recurring Payments and Much More Customers are the life blood of all businesses. Many businesses have a customer base that pay for products and services on a monthly or regular basis. Securely saving and storing the customer’s credit card information for future use benefits both parties. Instant Accept refers to […]

Managing Stored Profiles

To create a stored profile, open the Virtual Terminal. 1. click on the “save profile” box in the virtual terminal when processing a transaction. 2. An additional details field will pop-up where you can fill in the customer information.

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