Bug Fixes for December 07, 2021

Instant Accept and QuickBooks Invoices & Convenience Fee Issues when voiding invoice and convenience fee set to multi transaction not working has been fixed whether there are partial payments, voiding or refunding invoices. Any time voiding or refunding an invoice, we check for transactions tied to the invoice. If it’s a single transaction, we redirect […]

Setting Up a Convenience Fee

To set-up a convenience fee, simply log into the Instant Accept gateway, reporting.instantaccept.com 1. Go to Hierarchy 2. Click on the “Convenience Fee” tab. You can select what type and how much of a convenience fee you would like to set-up and save. Want to see more tips and tricks to help you find ways to […]

Merchants May be Able to Recoup High Costs from Convenience Fees

Using a Convenience Fee to Offset Credit Card Fees Credit card processing fees can really add up over the course of the months and year. Instant Accept provides a method for merchants to pass some of those fees along to their customers. This method is known as charging convenience fees. Getting reward points or cashback […]

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