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Business Tips

New Research Reveals the Impact of Late Payments on Mid-sized Business

Past due invoices are a significant problem for medium sized businesses (25-100 employees). QuickBooks surveyed over 2,000 Mid-sized business in an effort to better understand the causes of past due payments and it’s impact on businesses. The Takeaways? The average business wastes 14 hours per week chasing payments. On top of this, 81% of businesses […]

Secrets to Help Improve Business Growth

Finding it difficult lately to come up with ideas on how to improve business growth or just your overall business performance? In this article from Business News Daily they have built a list of tips from founders of startup companies. Businesses are starting to get back into their normal routines pre COVID-19 and improving their […]

Inspiration to Help Improve Your Business Goals For 2022

As we all know 2020 and 2021 has been trying on many businesses. Business goals have been missed and many small businesses did not make it through these years. Looking ahead in the new year hoping to make things a bit different in 2022, then take a look at the ideas NerdWallet has put together […]

New Tax Rules for Small Businesses

As we all know a new year can result in new tax rules and laws.  That is no different for 2022.  The new tax laws are specific to small businesses, freelances, gig workers, and others.  Small business owners who prepare their own tax filings need to be especially alert and on top of changing tax […]

Tips for Running a Successful Business

The pandemic has made business owners, especially small business owners, take a step back and re-evaluate how they run their business. It has forced everyone to be a little more flexible in their decisions and forward momentum for small business decisions. This article provides nine steps you can take to help you make your business successful. […]

COVID-19: Things to Take Away From Our Changing World

With the onset of COVID-19 businesses have been changing their day-to-day business routines to adapt to the changes. Constant Contact has been doing research over the past year with small businesses to find out what works and the best options to help their businesses thrive through a pandemic. Constant Contact is sharing several lessons to […]

Improving Your Business Through a Pandemic

The Motley Fool has put together ideas, suggestions, and possible opportunities to help you to reinvigorate your business and improve your overall business health. Find marketing ideas or suggestions that may help you to improve your bottom line this year. Continue Reading…

Improving and Surviving the Pandemic

As we all know within the past 11 months small businesses have had to undergo many unexpected changes to adapt to a change in economy and consumers ways of shopping. Sage has created an article giving you information and resources to help you improve and survive in 2021. Continue Reading… Start Running Your Business, Not […]

A Few Things to Consider for Small Business Owners

Small business owners often find themselves knowing their business but not really knowing how to run their business. Sometimes accepting that things are not exactly perfect can be difficult and overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips to get you going in the right direction to improving your business health and your own piece of mind. […]

Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing major changes for businesses across the world, small businesses are still looking for ways to adapt to it all.  Many businesses are turning to the digital landscape to improve their businesses bottom line. A small survey was created by The Manifest and they’ve shared tips for gaining exposure. Continue Reading… […]

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