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The Debut of Mastercard Installments

Joining the BNPL comes Mastercard Installments. Mastercard will soon give consumers the option to accept offers online or in-store if they accept Mastercard. There are several options that consumers can choose from for their purchases which includes 0 percent financing. This option from Mastercard will be implemented in the USA, UK, and Australia sometime at […]

Tips for Running a Successful Business

The pandemic has made business owners, especially small business owners, take a step back and re-evaluate how they run their business. It has forced everyone to be a little more flexible in their decisions and forward momentum for small business decisions. This article provides nine steps you can take to help you make your business successful. […]

Small Businesses and the Struggles They Have Endured Through the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses had to change up the way they handle their businesses. Although many businesses rely on their income from their storefront, they were forced to expand the capability to offer ecommerce for their customers. Improving fulfillment and distribution centers to manage improved consumers ability to shop however they choose. With […]

Improving and Surviving the Pandemic

As we all know within the past 11 months small businesses have had to undergo many unexpected changes to adapt to a change in economy and consumers ways of shopping. Sage has created an article giving you information and resources to help you improve and survive in 2021. Continue Reading… Start Running Your Business, Not […]

Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing major changes for businesses across the world, small businesses are still looking for ways to adapt to it all.  Many businesses are turning to the digital landscape to improve their businesses bottom line. A small survey was created by The Manifest and they’ve shared tips for gaining exposure. Continue Reading… […]

Changes in the Payment Industry Push On Due to COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic everyone’s daily lives have completely changed.  This includes businesses and how our daily business lives function.  The payment industry is no different.  In fact, the payment industry has taken one of the biggest hits for making changes and creating more security basically overnight. Previously, EMV 3-D Secure 1.0 was introduced has […]

Clean Your Terminals the Correct Way

You spend a lot of time and money cleaning your office and all it’s surfaces, along with everything else. Have you considered the number of germs a credit card machine collects daily? NTC is offering links and resources for helpful tips recommended by the CDC when cleaning your office and keeping yourself, employees and clients […]

Cash Flow Problem Guidance

With so many changes going on nowadays with the COVID-19 outbreak it is becoming more difficult for small businesses to stay afloat. Between keeping customers and employees happy it can be a daunting task during these times. Read on to find out several ways that can help small businesses safeguard their business in the ever-changing […]

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