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The Debut of Mastercard Installments

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Joining the BNPL comes Mastercard Installments. Mastercard will soon give consumers the option to accept offers online or in-store if they accept Mastercard. There are several options that consumers can choose from for their purchases which includes 0 percent financing. This option from Mastercard will be implemented in the USA, UK, and Australia sometime at the beginning of 2022. As well as zero percent financing, Mastercard Installments will offer covers fraud protection with zero liability on purchases. The fraud protection gives consumers the ability to challenge charges to their account that they do not recognize. This newest offering from Mastercard will work with websites and digital wallets.

With the pandemic of COVID-19 these types of options are showing sales increases and cart abandonment of 35 to 45 percent improvement after the implementation of many BNPL options that are available.

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