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New Research Reveals the Impact of Late Payments on Mid-sized Business

Past due invoices are a significant problem for medium sized businesses (25-100 employees). QuickBooks surveyed over 2,000 Mid-sized business in an effort to better understand the causes of past due payments and it’s impact on businesses. The Takeaways? The average business wastes 14 hours per week chasing payments. On top of this, 81% of businesses […]

Accounting for Surcharge Fees and Best Practices

When applying surcharge fees and convenience to your clients/customers it’s important to list the fee as a separate line item in the transaction. This helps inform your client that their payment method is not preferred by your business – hence the convenience fee. In the long run, this should encourage your customer to choose preferred […]

How to Setup Convenience Fees in Instant Accept With QuickBooks

Setup Convenience Fees in Instant Accept Screenshot To enable and set up convenience fees, simply login to your Instant Accept portal and click on Hierarchy on the Acquiring side of the menu. Go to the Products and Services tab to turn on the Convenience fee service, accept the fees to use and save. You will […]

Point of Sale Tips for Applying a Down Payment

To take a down payment on a sales order, work order or layaway, you will create the order in QuickBooks and take payment on the order through Instant Accept. In QuickBooks, once the order is created, please go to the: 1. Home Screen    a. I want to    b. IA Sales Order/IA Work Order/IA […]

Struggling to keep your books balanced?

Keeping your books balanced is the most important part of running your business. Your books can tell you important information such as comparisons by years to understand the performance of your financials, where you have improved or what is not producing for your specific business. In the end your financial reports are the backbone of […]

Secrets to Help Improve Business Growth

Finding it difficult lately to come up with ideas on how to improve business growth or just your overall business performance? In this article from Business News Daily they have built a list of tips from founders of startup companies. Businesses are starting to get back into their normal routines pre COVID-19 and improving their […]

Inspiration to Help Improve Your Business Goals For 2022

As we all know 2020 and 2021 has been trying on many businesses. Business goals have been missed and many small businesses did not make it through these years. Looking ahead in the new year hoping to make things a bit different in 2022, then take a look at the ideas NerdWallet has put together […]

Cleaning Up Your Business Accounting

Now is the time to get your bookkeeping documents in order and clean up your business accounting.  Update those journal entries, make sure all of your receipts are documented and more.  As a business owner you have many things to think about throughout your day and with planning for your year.  The last thing you […]

New Tax Rules for Small Businesses

As we all know a new year can result in new tax rules and laws.  That is no different for 2022.  The new tax laws are specific to small businesses, freelances, gig workers, and others.  Small business owners who prepare their own tax filings need to be especially alert and on top of changing tax […]

Get Started With Your Hosted Payment Page

To setup a hosted payment page for your website, simply login to the portal and 1. Go to Acquiring 2. Then click on Virtual Terminal 3.  Click Hosted Payment Page This is also where you can give the API needed for your web development person or department to setup the page for you. Learn More […]

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