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Instant Accept


Work Orders

Point of Sale Tips for Applying a Down Payment

To take a down payment on a sales order, work order or layaway, you will create the order in QuickBooks and take payment on the order through Instant Accept. In QuickBooks, once the order is created, please go to the: 1. Home Screen    a. I want to    b. IA Sales Order/IA Work Order/IA […]

Receive Payments in Point of Sale

Receive Payments for Work, Sales & Layaway Orders Within InstantAccept Instant Accept Point of Sale User Tips You can continue creating the orders as usual.  The only difference is when you’re ready to collect the installments. Follow the steps below: Go to the home page Click I want to Click which order you’re receiving money […]

How to Make a Deposit to a Work Order

Depositing Funds to a Work Order Within Instant Accept and QuickBooks Point of Sale After you create your Work Orders in QuickBooks Point of Sale you will click the drop down option that says ‘I Want to’ and choose ‘IA Work Order’. Select the Work Orders you would like to take a deposit on (A). […]

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