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Instant Accept


Instant Accept POS Tutorials

QuickBooks Error Message – Sorry POS got stuck for a second

Resolving the QuickBooks Error for Point of Sale Below are some steps to assist you in resolving this QuickBooks error message. located in your C drive go to program data. Choose InstantAccept Right Click Click Properties Click Security > EDIT > ADD Type “EVERYONE” in the open box Give them full control Click Apply > […]

Receive Payments in Point of Sale

Receive Payments for Work, Sales & Layaway Orders Within InstantAccept Instant Accept Point of Sale User Tips You can continue creating the orders as usual.  The only difference is when you’re ready to collect the installments. Follow the steps below: Go to the home page Click I want to Click which order you’re receiving money […]

Instant Accept POS Settings

Accessing the Instant Accept POS Settings​ Instant Accept POS Settings lets you modify your login credentials, payment processing details and receipt details. For Instance, this is where you can change your company logo, contact information or edit your signature line text. Follow the walk through below to make changes to your settings. Open Instant Accept, […]

Refund Transactions Within QuickBooks POS

Refund Transactions Option 2 The following steps will walk you through one option to be able to refund transactions. Click the “Make a Sale” icon in the center top of your QuickBooks POS screen. NOTE: To utilize this option you will need to contact the Instant Accept support team at  (855) 220-2840.  They can then […]

Issue a Refund Within QuickBooks Point of Sale

Issuing a Refund in QuickBooks Point of Sale Option 1 – Need to refund a transaction? Walkthrough this tutorial about issuing a refund. Click on the “Sales History” icon in the center top of your QuickBooks Point of Sale screen. Go to the top center of your QuickBooks Point of Sale screen. In the “Search” […]

Voiding Transaction Within Instant Accept Point of Sale

Part A: Voiding Transaction in Instant Accept POS Follow these steps for voiding transaction in Instant Accept POS and QuickBooks POS.  Click on the ‘Sales History’ icon is the center top of your QuickBooks Point of Sale screen. Search by customer name or receipt number. Choose the receipt that you would like to void in […]

Make a Sale in Instant Accept Point of Sale Video

How to Make a Sale Video Demo This video will walk you through the steps to make a sale within Instant Accept Point of Sale and QuickBooks. Transcript to Video of How to Make a Sale in Instant Accept Point of Sale Welcome to our How To Make a Sale within InstantAccept Point of […]

Receiving a Deposit on a Layaway

Applying Payments to Layaway After you create your layaway in QuickBooks POS, you will then follow the next steps: Click the “Green Drop Down” button, in the top left corner, that says ‘I Want to’, Select ‘IA Layaways Order’ from the drop down area Click the last name of the customer, on the right side […]

Instant Accept Point of Sale Demo Video

QuickBooks Point of Sale and Instant Accept Point of Sale Demo Video Hello Everyone, I am here to tell you a little bit about InstantAccept and give you a demo of how it works with QuickBooks Point of Sale in this InstantAccept Point of Sale video. This version is InstantAccept Point of Sale, we are […]

Instant Accept POS – How to Make a Sale

How to Make a Sale in Instant Accept Point of Sale Click on the ‘Make a Sale’  button on the left side of the screen in your QuickBooks POS. Select the item being purchased. Choose your customers payment type. Then click the “Process” Button. Note: If you are using a card reader, click swipe before […]

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