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Instant Accept


Instant Accept POS Settings

Accessing the Instant Accept POS Settings​

Instant Accept POS Settings lets you modify your login credentials, payment processing details and receipt details. For Instance, this is where you can change your company logo, contact information or edit your signature line text. Follow the walk through below to make changes to your settings.

Open Instant Accept, click the ‘I Want to’ drop down and then select IA POS Settings. Then choose the tab you would like to make changes to.

Merchant Login Tab

You will be able to update or change your login credentials and then save your default information. Click Save to update your settings.

Payment Tab

The second tab contains the following two sections which include Payment Processing and the Payment Method. We will be walking the the explanation of each item follows each item.

NOTE: You will be required to contact our support team to enable some features.

  • Payment Processing
    • Write AVS in comment in sales receipt:
      • Your receipt will reflect address verification is turned on.
    • Process payment on card swipe:
      • Instant Accept automatically processes the payment after swiping the card.
    • Allow credit card to be credited:
      • Process refund without a receipt.
        • See option 2 under the refund section.
      • To fully enable this feature please contact Instant Accept support.
    • Print receipt when transaction completes:
      • InstantAccept receipts print automatically after the transaction is processed.
    • Zip code is required for payment processing:
      • You have the option to enforce typing in the zip code when processing a payment.
  • Payment Method
    • Your processor must approve both of the following options and it must be indicated on your account.
      • Enable Credit Card:
        • Check the box to choose to accept credit cards through Instant Accept.
      • Enable eCheck:
        • This is where you can choose to accept echecks through Instant Accept.
    • Then click “Save”.

Receipt Print

  • You can add your company logo.
  • Update your company name and contact information.
  • Edit your signature and footer text on your receipts.
    • Then click “Save”.

If this walk through does not resolve your issue then contact our technical support team or call (855) 220-2840.

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