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Print Receipts in QuickBooks

Print Receipts Within QuickBooks

Print Receipts for Your Transactions

Sometimes as we are working through the day and accepting transactions we forget to print receipts or the customer asks for their receipt. There are other options to print a receipt from QuickBooks so if you missed the chance to print your receipts for your transactions within your Quickbooks integration then you have another option.

Print Receipts in QuickBooks

First, you will need to exit out completely from your Quickbooks program and access the desktop version of Instant Accept.

Once open, you will see the dashboard.

  1. Click the “Transactions” icon. (This will allow you to see all payments processed within Instant Accept.)
  2. Filter in the dates
  3. Choose your desired transaction
  4. Click print or email (Found to the far right)

If this walk through does not resolve your issue contact our technical support team or call (855) 220-2840.

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