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Instant Accept


Print Receipts

Bug Fixes for July 23, 2020

Instant Accept Recurring Manager – Bug fixes in Cards Expired filer Virtual Terminal – Print Receipt stops working. “Cannot read property: ToString” Wells Fargo Link Issues Instant Accept SaaS and Plugin IA QB Desktop Plugin – VT crashes when paying more than 15 invoices at a time If merchant changes the password from merchant portal […]

Features and Enhancements for July 07, 2020

Instant Accept Updates and Changes UX changes in multiple concurrent Instant Accept Logins Instant Accept SaaS and Plugin What’s New Convenience Fee support in Invoices and Sales receipts Ability to store multiple CC / ACH profiles for a Customer Updates and Changes Added new setting in IA Settings for ‘Convenience Fee Income Account’ which will […]

Features and Enhancements for May 12, 2020

Instant Accept What’s New New ‘Fees Report’ added Updates and Changes Added tool tips to all products in Product & Services tab Station provisioning UI and functional changes – phase 1 Added ‘Print Receipt’ option in add / edit terminal from Terminal Manager and Station Instant Accept SaaS and Plugin Batch email should pick the […]

Bug Fixes for May 12, 2020

Instant Accept UX bugs in Notifications tab under Hierarchy The hosted payment config page is duplicating https in the UI causing issues when saving Token Manager – Deleting the token throws dependency error Instant Accept SaaS and Plugin When Deposit To Account setting does not reset when accounting package is switched and when IA try […]

Edit Signature Line on Receipts

How to Edit Signature Line Receipt Follow these steps to edit signature line of your QuickBooks and InstantAccept Receipts. Go to your POS home screen then select I Want to<IA POS Settings<Receipt Print If you have a logo you would like to upload, simply click on the “Logo” box and upload your png formatted picture. […]

Print Receipts Within QuickBooks

Print Receipts for Your Transactions Sometimes as we are working through the day and accepting transactions we forget to print receipts or the customer asks for their receipt. There are other options to print a receipt from QuickBooks so if you missed the chance to print your receipts for your transactions within your Quickbooks integration then […]

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