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Instant Accept



Bug Fixes for May 11, 2021

Too many convenience fee settings Resolution: If the token data is the same as whats already on file, we don’t store the duplication. Issue: Instant Accept would allow duplicates to be created. So, essentially, if the same customer kept storing the token over and over, it would show up multiple times. Release Version: 1.75.02 Other […]

Tokenization Explained

What is tokenization? Tokenization is the replacement of sensitive data with a unique identifier that cannot be mathematically reversed. In your environment, tokens take the place of sensitive payment card data. Typically, the token will retain the last four digits of the card as a means of accurately matching the token to the payment card […]

Bug Fixes for May 12, 2020

Instant Accept UX bugs in Notifications tab under Hierarchy The hosted payment config page is duplicating https in the UI causing issues when saving Token Manager – Deleting the token throws dependency error Instant Accept SaaS and Plugin When Deposit To Account setting does not reset when accounting package is switched and when IA try […]

Features and Enhancements for September 25, 2019

NEW Features: Added Card Updater Tokens Report in Token Manager Added Card Updater service in Products & Services tab IA QB Financial installation – Removed company file selection by user and allow the application to automatically choose company file when QB plugin runs. Added Default Station selection in IA QB POS installation. Updates or Changes […]

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