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Features and Enhancements for September 25, 2019

NEW Features:

  • Added Card Updater Tokens Report in Token Manager
  • Added Card Updater service in Products & Services tab
  • IA QB Financial installation – Removed company file selection by user and allow the application to automatically choose company file when QB plugin runs.
  • Added Default Station selection in IA QB POS installation.

Updates or Changes

  • Made numerous changes in Onboarding (display Instructions to boarded merchants, to create Zoho ticket for Auto Signup problem and various UI changes).
  • Recorded linked TransactionID for Capture.
  • Changed the name ‘Customer Token Manger’ to ‘Token Manager’ in entire app.
  • Removed the message “Merchant is not active. Transactions cannot be processed” when updating Free Trial merchants.
  • New columns and advance search added in Token Manger.
  • Changed the support URL to company URL in welcome emails.
  • Embedded logos in all welcome emails from PLG.
  • Made all dropdowns of Terminals consistent in entire app.

Release Version: 1.74.00

Other Updates This Month

September 29, 2019 – Bug Fixes – Release Version 1.74.00

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