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Instant Accept



Bug Fixes for September 17, 2020

Instant Accept Hierarchy > Merchant > Stations tab – Export to PDF and CSV stops working Hierarchy > Merchant > Users tab – Edit user redirects to invalid URL if sorting is applied Token Manager > Grid sorting distorts the grid Left menu visibility on few pages First Data Provisioning MID validation Add/ Edit Merchant […]

Bug Fixes for September 25, 2019

Instant Accept ACH profile not saving. Lead not getting generated in Zoho when boarded free trial. Billing Info tab appearing in Config Steps of IA billed merchants. Billing Info not saving from exclamation icon for IA merchants. Process transaction through Card Swiper does not work. Fixes in order detail for authorized and capture transactions. Transaction […]

Receive Payments in Point of Sale

Receive Payments for Work, Sales & Layaway Orders Within InstantAccept Instant Accept Point of Sale User Tips You can continue creating the orders as usual.  The only difference is when you’re ready to collect the installments. Follow the steps below: Go to the home page Click I want to Click which order you’re receiving money […]

Receiving a Deposit on a Layaway

Applying Payments to Layaway After you create your layaway in QuickBooks POS, you will then follow the next steps: Click the “Green Drop Down” button, in the top left corner, that says ‘I Want to’, Select ‘IA Layaways Order’ from the drop down area Click the last name of the customer, on the right side […]

Instant Accept Point of Sale Demo Video

QuickBooks Point of Sale and Instant Accept Point of Sale Demo Video Hello Everyone, I am here to tell you a little bit about InstantAccept and give you a demo of how it works with QuickBooks Point of Sale in this InstantAccept Point of Sale video. This version is InstantAccept Point of Sale, we are […]

Depositing Funds to Sales Order

How to Make a Deposit on a Sales Order After you create your Sales Order in QuickBooks POS you will click the drop down option that says ‘I Want to’ and choose IA Sales Orders. Select the Sales Orders you would like to take a deposit on (A). Then click ‘Take Deposit’ (B). Type in […]

How to Make a Deposit to a Work Order

Depositing Funds to a Work Order Within Instant Accept and QuickBooks Point of Sale After you create your Work Orders in QuickBooks Point of Sale you will click the drop down option that says ‘I Want to’ and choose ‘IA Work Order’. Select the Work Orders you would like to take a deposit on (A). […]

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