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Instant Accept


Stored Profiles

Bug Fixes for Februrary 24. 2021

Stored Profiles not Automatically populating in VT When processing a payment Magtek screen not going away after card is swiped Duplicates showing in customer record after payment Release Version: 1.74.22 Other Updates This Month February 03, 2021 – Bug Fixes – Release Version 1.74.20 February 03, 2021 – Enhancements – Release Version 1.74.20

Saving Stored Profile Within Instant Accept

Saving Customer Stored Profiles for Recurring Payments and Much More Customers are the life blood of all businesses. Many businesses have a customer base that pay for products and services on a monthly or regular basis. Securely saving and storing the customer’s credit card information for future use benefits both parties. Instant Accept refers to […]

Bug Fixes for September 17, 2020

Instant Accept Hierarchy > Merchant > Stations tab – Export to PDF and CSV stops working Hierarchy > Merchant > Users tab – Edit user redirects to invalid URL if sorting is applied Token Manager > Grid sorting distorts the grid Left menu visibility on few pages First Data Provisioning MID validation Add/ Edit Merchant […]

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