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Instant Accept


Customer Record

Bug Fixes for Februrary 24. 2021

Stored Profiles not Automatically populating in VT When processing a payment Magtek screen not going away after card is swiped Duplicates showing in customer record after payment Release Version: 1.74.22 Other Updates This Month February 03, 2021 – Bug Fixes – Release Version 1.74.20 February 03, 2021 – Enhancements – Release Version 1.74.20

QuickBooks Desktop and Instant Accept Demo

Link to video on YouTube.  QuickBooks Desktop and Instant Accept Demo Video Transcription: Hello, and welcome to the instant accept installation video for QuickBooks Desktop. In this video, we will go over how to set up your instant accept account with QuickBooks. We will walk through how to sync your instant accept account with your […]

Seamless Integration Between Payments and QuickBooks

The face of doing business is constantly evolving and nowadays, with technological innovations around every corner, those changes are coming more swiftly than ever before. As a business owner staying on top of these changes, and in charge of your business prove to be a daunting task. At Instant Accept we look to help make […]

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