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Instant Accept


Payment Gateway

Mobile Payment Gateways that Follow Your Business Anywhere

Keeping Your Payment Gateway Mobile There is simply no doubt that we live in a mobile society. The need and desire to keep connected throughout our day regardless of where we are and what we’re doing, has prompted an entire wave of new technologies. Each one provides the ability to stay on the go and […]

Consumer Fraud and Avoiding It With Your Instant Accept Payment Gateway

In December 2012, big box conglomerate Target was hit with a credit card breach of epic proportions affecting more than 40 million consumers personal credit information with consumer fraud. But its not only Target that is feeling the pain with its estimated cost to be a potential $1.1 billion. It is now estimated that financial […]

Seamless Integration Between Payments and QuickBooks

The face of doing business is constantly evolving and nowadays, with technological innovations around every corner, those changes are coming more swiftly than ever before. As a business owner staying on top of these changes, and in charge of your business prove to be a daunting task. At Instant Accept we look to help make […]

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