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Instant Accept



Introducing Instant Accept

Greetings from Instant Accept! Since you are here reading this blog post, then you should have some inkling of what Instant Accept is. That’s good! If not, then not a problem because today I’m going to introduce Instant Accept and present an overview of it so all you current and would-be QuickBooks users have a […]

Now accepting passengers for a better, more efficient tomorrow!

More Options for Revenue​ Instant Accept offers more opportunities for merchants to increase their revenue by offering customers their own stored profile for future sales across multiple platforms all while keeping their customers personal data safe. This process is called Omni-channel tokenization.  It gives merchants and their customers more opportunities for purchasing options. Omni-channel tokenization […]

Seamless Integration Between Payments and QuickBooks

The face of doing business is constantly evolving and nowadays, with technological innovations around every corner, those changes are coming more swiftly than ever before. As a business owner staying on top of these changes, and in charge of your business prove to be a daunting task. At Instant Accept we look to help make […]

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