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Instant Accept


Seamless Integration Between Payments and QuickBooks

The face of doing business is constantly evolving and nowadays, with technological innovations around every corner, those changes are coming more swiftly than ever before. As a business owner staying on top of these changes, and in charge of your business prove to be a daunting task. At Instant Accept we look to help make it easier for you to focus on your business and not so much on the business of doing business. In other words, we let you get back to what matters, as we make the issues regarding payment and accounting second thought by incorporating both into one seamless integration.

Instant Accept Seamlessly Integrates With QuickBooks

Yes, we know, the word seamless is one of those words that generates eye-rolls and incredulousness. Often, “seamless” turns out to be anything but, with snafus, obstacles and issues breaking down and messing up the process. But at Instant Accept everything we do is focused entirely on erasing the gap between your payment gateway and the utilization of your QuickBooks® account. With Instant Accept POS software, you’ll finally be able to accept any type of payment, anywhere and automatically generate records, receipts and invoices within your accounting software.

Whether you’re in the business of selling corn dogs at the area fairs or running a nationwide distribution of cell phone cases, integration of all of your system records can be automated instantly. Instant Accept also makes online transactions easily trackable and automatically updated.

If you are considering setting up a new payment gateway and have an existing QuickBooks account, we can help in integrating the two enabling a truly seamless transition for your business’ record keeping and invoicing. Call us now and we would be more than happy to answer all of your questions and get you started.

Start Running Your Business, Not Your Bookkeeping

With Instant Accept you can know that your customer data is safe and secure within a PCI Compliant environment. Fewer hassles, better security, and freedom to grow. Run your business the way that you want to. Why not get started now by clicking the sign-up button below! Do it today!

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