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Instant Accept


Introducing Instant Accept

Greetings from Instant Accept!

Since you are here reading this blog post, then you should have some inkling of what Instant Accept is.

That’s good! If not, then not a problem because today I’m going to introduce Instant Accept and present an overview of it so all you current and would-be QuickBooks users have a better idea of our awesome product.

So what is Instant Accept?

For starters, it’s a seamless QuickBooks integration designed to allow merchants to accept payments smoothly and securely. It grants them the freedom to choose a processor and use their own merchant account instead of going through Intuit.

For Desktop, it transform the PC into a Point of Sales terminal that cuts in half the number of steps needed to accept a payment, and immediately records and marks the transaction as paid within QuickBooks once payment is received.

Instant Accept is powered by our robust gateway and is capable of voids, refunds and recurring billing. For customers who need receipts, it boasts the ability to print receipts as well as e-mailing them to customers. It also offers an e-mail invoice feature that enables the customers to pay for the invoice through a secure online portal.

Merchants run Instant Accept with QuickBooks simultaneously. Invoice creation, customer vault and payment processing are available and are recorded to QuickBooks.

This offers the security to utilize it as a front end Point of Sales without the fear that employees are able to access sensitive data like payroll or customer information that is protected within QuickBooks.

And of course, Instant Accept is PCI compliant so no worries there!

Start Running Your Business, Not Your Bookkeeping

With Instant Accept you can know that your customer data is safe and secure within a PCI Compliant environment. Fewer hassles, better security, and freedom to grow. Run your business the way that you want to. Why not get started now! Do it today!

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