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Instant Accept


Mobile Payment Gateways that Follow Your Business Anywhere

Keeping Your Payment Gateway Mobile

There is simply no doubt that we live in a mobile society. The need and desire to keep connected throughout our day regardless of where we are and what we’re doing, has prompted an entire wave of new technologies. Each one provides the ability to stay on the go and connected, including your mobile payment gateways.

In fact, mobile devices now outnumber the planet’s human population while 91 percent of our population owns a mobile phone. Consumers habits are also increasingly mobile and they are expecting that the retailers they do business with should be too.

Today’s tech savvy consumer expects mobile payment gateways to be smooth and quick, convenient and free of friction. Mobile payment processing, through an iphone or android, can provide the exact ease and convenience that your customers are looking for – wherever they, and you, are.

Mobile Payments Open More Opportunities

Imagine that you own a food truck where you have multiple areas about town where people find you to grab a quick bite to eat. In the past, usually cash payments would be the only option. This created an inconvenience for the plastic-oriented customer and a safety issue for the proprietor by having too much cash to carry. Neither being an ideal situation for a business owner who is looking to turn a profit. Now, with mobile POS software, integrated into your QuickBooks database, accepting different payment methods from wherever your truck rolls into is made quick and simple. Leaving them without worry of tracking sales and accounting as its done automatically for you.

Instant Accept strives to make it possible for you to do your business from the front lines, no matter where those may be. We look to fully integrate your POS software in order to help you remain on those front lines, generating sales, and letting your software do the accounting. Call Instant Accept at (855) 220-2840 for full information on how we can set up the most intelligent payment gateways available.

Start Running Your Business, Not Your Bookkeeping

With Instant Accept you can know that your customer data is safe and secure within a PCI Compliant environment. Fewer hassles, better security, and freedom to grow. Run your business the way that you want to. Why not get started now by clicking the sign-up button below! Do it today!

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