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Instant Accept


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Increase Profits with Recurring Billing and Instant Accept

Recurring Billing and Invoicing in Instant Accept Recurring billing and invoices can be useful in several scenarios that occur regularly in many types of businesses. In this blog we will explore two ways a business would use recurring invoicing and receive recurring payments for their products and services. Benefit from Recurring Billing and Invoices on […]

Instant Accept Features and Benefits

Have all the functionality of QuickBooks®. Instant Accept offers merchants who use QuickBooks® POS, QuickBooks® Financial or QuickBooks® Online the ability to use any merchant service provider they choose. Everything you can do in QuickBooks® can be done in Instant Accept from any location where you have internet access, allowing you to manage everything from […]

Benefits of Using Instant Accept Financial

Instant Accept works within your QuickBooks Financial and gives you the ability to still be able to take payments through your customer payment screen or through the sales receipt screen. Instant Accept Financial also gives you the ability to limit what parts of QuickBooks employees can access.  Because employees work outside of QuickBooks with in […]

Instant Accept Financial Overview

Instant Accept Financial “You can use it inside QuickBooks and outside of QuickBooks?” When using Instant Accept Financial you are able to use it in more than one way.  When working within your QuickBooks Financial you are still able to take payments within your customer payment screen or through the sales receipt screen. But this […]

Gift Cards Program Coming Soon!

Gift Cards Program Instant Accept is pleased to announce that  we are offering a Gift Card program that will be coming out soon!  With our gift cards service you will be able to issue and accept in store gift cards.   You are able to accept gift card payments from within your QuickBooks Point of Sale in the […]

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