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Instant Accept


Saas QuickBooks Desktop

Bug Fixes for April 12, 2021

Token manager should not allow a duplicate token to be created Resolution: If the token data is the same as whats already on file, we don’t store the duplication. Issue: Instant Accept would allow duplicates to be created. So, essentially, if the same customer kept storing the token over and over, it would show up […]

Bug Fixes for October 06, 2020

Instant Accept Bugs in ACH transaction receipt Email transaction receipt – Authorization response doesn’t display in correct format for CardConnect. Bug in type-ahead auto complete address filling for merchant boarding Bug in Permissions to show/hide tabs under Edit Merchant Bug in Order Manager for ACH transactions Report Scheduler is not sending reports Recurring Manager – […]

Top 5 Benefits of Using Instant Accept Financial

Have the ability to work within your QuickBooks Financial and still be able to take payments through your customer payment screen or through the sales receipt screen. Have your employees work outside of QuickBooks with in the InstantAccept Desktop Point of Sale Eliminate rekeying with the Desktop Point of Sale since it syncs automatically in […]

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