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Instant Accept


Virtual Terminal

Get Started With Your Hosted Payment Page

To setup a hosted payment page for your website, simply login to the portal and 1. Go to Acquiring 2. Then click on Virtual Terminal 3.  Click Hosted Payment Page This is also where you can give the API needed for your web development person or department to setup the page for you. Learn More […]

Features and Enhancements for April 12, 2021

What’s New Virtual Terminal – Create Recurring – Change Implementation Merchants can now create recurring sales for the future without processing the initial sale at creation. What this means is i can create a recurring plan to start in the future without collecting any money. Set it and forget it. Merchants can also change and […]

Features and Enhancements for March 23, 2021

What’s New Instant Accept Invoice file attachments Instant Accept Customer Auto Pay Consistent size for VT in Financial and POS Plugins Release Version: 1.75.00 Other Updates This Month March 23, 2021 – Bug Fixes – Release Version 1.75.00

Bug Fixes for Februrary 24. 2021

Stored Profiles not Automatically populating in VT When processing a payment Magtek screen not going away after card is swiped Duplicates showing in customer record after payment Release Version: 1.74.22 Other Updates This Month February 03, 2021 – Bug Fixes – Release Version 1.74.20 February 03, 2021 – Enhancements – Release Version 1.74.20

Bug Fixes for September 17, 2020

Instant Accept Hierarchy > Merchant > Stations tab – Export to PDF and CSV stops working Hierarchy > Merchant > Users tab – Edit user redirects to invalid URL if sorting is applied Token Manager > Grid sorting distorts the grid Left menu visibility on few pages First Data Provisioning MID validation Add/ Edit Merchant […]

Features and Enhancements for September 17, 2020

Instant Accept Updates and Changes Updated the 404 page layout and theme based on PLG Updated the Tokenization (Token Manager and Stored Profile panel in VT) access and visibility through permission and service Instant Accept SaaS and Plugin What’s New Added an ability to turn off IA receipt from IA Settings for IA POS plugin […]

Bug Fixes for September 03, 2020

Instant Accept Merchant Signup Link opens with an error if IA product is disabled IA Merchant Signup Form – Auto Capitalize the first letters of First Name and Last Name Sales Reps – Export PDF or CSV is not working Bug fixes in Switch Account feature Token Manager > Add / Edit Profile – The […]

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