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Instant Accept


Custom 404 Page

Features and Enhancements for January 20, 2021

What’s New Add ACH to Hosted Payment Page Move Customer Portal to Hosted Payment Page PLG Manager and Provisioning Updates Partner/Reseller/Merchant Boarding – Save functionality Prismpay- In App Outage Alert IA – Quick Payment on more than 10 invoices Gateway Sync – Fields & Sorting Custom 404, 401, 500 Error Pages Add BillToOption to Partner/ […]

Features and Enhancements for September 17, 2020

Instant Accept Updates and Changes Updated the 404 page layout and theme based on PLG Updated the Tokenization (Token Manager and Stored Profile panel in VT) access and visibility through permission and service Instant Accept SaaS and Plugin What’s New Added an ability to turn off IA receipt from IA Settings for IA POS plugin […]

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