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Omni-Channel Tokenization

More Options for Revenue With Omni-Channel Instant Accept offers more opportunities for merchants to increase their revenue by offering customers their own stored profile for future sales across multiple platforms all while keeping their customers personal data safe. This process is called Omni-channel tokenization.  It gives merchants and their customers more opportunities for purchasing options. […]

Token Manager

Expanding on last month’s tip for token manager here is a short video to help you walk-through the process. In the Instant Accept Web Portal you can manage your stored cards in the token manager. You will go to Acquiring > Token Manager. This will display the list of your stored cards. You can click the […]

Tokenization Explained

What is tokenization? Tokenization is the replacement of sensitive data with a unique identifier that cannot be mathematically reversed. In your environment, tokens take the place of sensitive payment card data. Typically, the token will retain the last four digits of the card as a means of accurately matching the token to the payment card […]

Features and Enhancements for September 17, 2020

Instant Accept Updates and Changes Updated the 404 page layout and theme based on PLG Updated the Tokenization (Token Manager and Stored Profile panel in VT) access and visibility through permission and service Instant Accept SaaS and Plugin What’s New Added an ability to turn off IA receipt from IA Settings for IA POS plugin […]

QuickBooks Desktop and Instant Accept Demo

Link to video on YouTube.  QuickBooks Desktop and Instant Accept Demo Video Transcription: Hello, and welcome to the instant accept installation video for QuickBooks Desktop. In this video, we will go over how to set up your instant accept account with QuickBooks. We will walk through how to sync your instant accept account with your […]

POS Instant Accept and QuickBooks Integration Video

POS With Instant Accept and QuickBooks Demo Check out our POS System video demo of how Instant Accept works with QuickBooks to save you time and money. Contact Us For a Free Demo

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