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Bug Fixes for January 12. 2021

Instant Accept Financial – Create Invoice bugs Provisioning – SEC Codes do not load properly Merchant boarding bugs Audit log – displaying Values Release Version: Other Updates This Month January 12, 2021 – Enhancements – Release Version January 20, 2021 – Bug Fixes – Release Version January 20, 2021 – Enhancements – […]

Bug Fixes for October 06, 2020

Instant Accept Bugs in ACH transaction receipt Email transaction receipt – Authorization response doesn’t display in correct format for CardConnect. Bug in type-ahead auto complete address filling for merchant boarding Bug in Permissions to show/hide tabs under Edit Merchant Bug in Order Manager for ACH transactions Report Scheduler is not sending reports Recurring Manager – […]

Bug Fixes for June 17, 2020

Instant Accept Going to Virtual Terminal when merchant is selected in GHS should pull the selected merchant’s stations only in GHS popup window Token Manager > Card Updater Tokens Report – GHS window to choose Merchant from does not pop up Delete profile bug in Token Manager Hierarchy > Merchants > Users tab – Resend […]

Bug Fixes for May 12, 2020

Instant Accept UX bugs in Notifications tab under Hierarchy The hosted payment config page is duplicating https in the UI causing issues when saving Token Manager – Deleting the token throws dependency error Instant Accept SaaS and Plugin When Deposit To Account setting does not reset when accounting package is switched and when IA try […]

Creating Invoices For QuickBooks From Within Instant Accept

Creating Invoices and Updating QuickBooks Many businesses have salespeople and outside service people that take orders and payments remotely. These new orders and payments then need to be manually entered into the business’s QuickBooks® accounting package. This can be time-consuming and increases the possibility of entry errors. Instant Accept offers a solution to this problem. […]

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