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Features and Enhancements for April 12, 2021

What's New

Merchants can now create recurring sales for the future without processing the initial sale at creation. What this means is i can create a recurring plan to start in the future without collecting any money. Set it and forget it. Merchants can also change and edit any of the parameters after creation, so they can change dates, adjust next billing schedules etc. Full control over recurring.

Merchants can now set default tokens for customers, when the customers has more than 1 token, they can delete old token which will prevent it from showing in their list of active tokens when working within token manager or making a new sale.

Merchants can now select which receipts they want to pop up. Some don’t want a “merchant copy” some don’t want any, some want both the customer and merchant copy. This allows them to select which receipts need to generate.

Release Version: 1.75.01

Other Updates This Month

April 12, 2021 – Bug Fixes – Release Version 1.75.01

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