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End of Support for Verifone VX805 and Worldpay

As with any electronics companies make the decision to stop supporting equipment that requires additional security updates and patches. It is normally good practice to announce an end of life or end of support deadline to give customers the ability to switch to new equipment. Payment processing terminals are no different. That brings us to a new announcement surrounding the Verifone VX805 payment processing terminal.

Verifone VX805 Payment Terminal for Desktop

Verifone has announced end of support for the Verifone VX805 payment terminal for desktop on April 30, 2021.  The announcement states after April 2021 software updates will no longer be issued and development support will no longer be provided. But until April 2023 Verifone and Worldpay will provide:

Support Ending Soon

Verifone has stated they will no longer be conducting feature-based enhancements, new functionality, or any type of changes for the Verifone VX805 payment terminal for desktop moving forward. Certifications and EMV kernels, and support for new or existing services or products or any other enhancements will be created.

Worldpay and Verifone will no longer issue or provide support for development or updates to software. However, Worldpay will provide corrections for errors of Critical or Severity 1 errors in software which will include any vulnerabilities in security after April 30, 2021.

Extended warranty for your Verifone VX805 payment terminal for desktop they will, however, continue to provide support. Otherwise, all repairs and service will be discontinued for the Verifone VX805 payment terminal for desktop after April 30, 2023. No other support options or warranties will be offered beyond April 30, 2023.

Instant Accept has made plans to continue to support the Verifone VX805 for our current merchants. If you choose to upgrade your credit card terminal, we can help with that too. You can speak to an Account Executive or check our other payment processing terminal options and choose what payment terminal you would like to purchase.

Looking for Replacement Alternatives and Options

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Verifone VX805 payment terminal for desktop you can find several options from below or go check out Next Generation POS and take a look at what options we have as comparatives that may work for you. that you can choose from that would be comparative.  If you are not sure what the right terminal is for you please always feel free to contact one of our Account Executives and they can assist you in finding the perfect replacement terminal for your business needs.

Still have additional questions regarding this end of support or want to update your payment processing terminal, you can always feel free to one of our Account Executives.

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