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Instant Accept


Instant Accept Features and Benefits

Have all the functionality of QuickBooks®. Instant Accept offers merchants who use QuickBooks® POS, QuickBooks® Financial or QuickBooks® Online the ability to use any merchant service provider they choose.

Everything you can do in QuickBooks® can be done in Instant Accept from any location where you have internet access, allowing you to manage everything from one integrated user interface. Many merchants require a need for a single, intuitive application which allows them to access and assign open invoices or print sales receipts.

Merchants simply open Instant Accept and begin processing payments, creating customers, open invoices or email invoices. Instant Accept gives you this freedom all while updating your information in QuickBooks® in Real-Time. Our Gateway Sync function allows merchants to assign payments to open invoices or to sales receipts in need of completion. The merchant can easily create a new customer, a new invoice or a sales receipt for fast importing into QuickBooks®.



  • PCI compliant database protects valuable credit card and customer information
  • Keep same merchant account and payment processor
  • Streamline accepting payments though one integrated user interface
  • Accept multiple payment types

Works with these QuickBooks® Windows versions:

  • QuickBooks® Desktop (Version 2010 to current)
    • Pro
    • Premiere
    • Enterprise
  • QuickBooks® POS (Version 2010 to current)
  • QuickBooks® Online

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