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Benefits of Using Instant Accept Online With QuickBooks

Virtual Terminal Saas Online Payment Screen
Virtual Terminal Payments Screen

Instant Accept Online seamlessly integrates with your QuickBooks Online account and gives you the ability to quickly and easily accept payments. While accepting payments your payment processing data and Quick Books sync in the background. Relieving the stress and worry about re-keying errors or issues.

We give business owners the ability to limit their employees access.  You can choose to give full rights to all information within your QuickBooks data or if you have employees that only need limited access you can choose what sections they can access.  This helps alleviate errors and limit issues that come from having access to areas that they otherwise need not be in.

Instant Accept also helps the issues that come from re-keying information.  No more possible duplicate or incorrectly entered data entries for your credit card transactions. Because Instant Accept syncs all transactions directly with QuickBooks data and sync other transactions with Quick Books Online easily with our Gateway Sync feature.

Instant Accept gives you the capability to do the same things you would do in QuickBooks.  For example, you can create new invoices and new customers right in Instant Accept and will sync back with your QuickBooks data.

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