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Instant Accept Online Video Demo

Watch the Instant Accept Online Video Demo and see how the integration with QuickBooks works seamlessly.

Instant Accept Online Video: Learn How it Works With QuickBooks Online

Hello and welcome to the Instant Accept Online Video Demo. Today I am going to show you how Instant Accept Online works with QuickBooks Online.

The most important thing to be aware of, is that Instant Accept Online automatically syncs to QuickBooks Online in real-time.

Instant Accept Online Demo Video Transcript:

Once you log in to your Instant Accept Online account, the first screen you will see is the dashboard. The dashboard includes quick links so that you can easily navigate through Instant Accept Online. You can also use the tabs on the left had side of your screen for navigation as well.

Breaking Down Your Options

Our second tab down is Chart of Accounts. This piece is data that is synced in from your QuickBooks Online so that you don’t have to keep switching screens and so that the data is easily accessible while you are working within Instant Accept Online.

The next tab down is the Customers tab. Here you are able to search for customers by name or view a list of customers that are active or inactive. You are also able to add a customer on this page by clicking the customer add button. Once you add the customer, the customer information will be synced back to your QuickBooks Online.

Under Items, you can search for items by name or you can view a list of all, taxable or nontaxable items. You are also able to add items on this page by clicking the item add button. Once you add the item, the item information will be synced back in to your QuickBooks Online.

Under Sales Tax, you are able to see all of the configured sales taxes inside of your QuickBooks Online.

Invoices & Payments

Under Invoices, you are able to view unpaid or paid invoices. You can search for an invoice by the customer name or invoice number and you can also create an invoice from this screen. You also have the ability to batch email all of your unpaid invoices out so that you can send them out all at once or you can email them one at a time. The emailed invoice will include a PDF of the invoice and a paylink for the customer to make a payment online.

When you click Pay Invoice it brings you to the Payments page. The top of this page is the invoice details. You then choose your card type and the account you want this transaction to show up in. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, is where you swipe or key in your card information. Once all information is completed, click the green payment button to process the payment. When your payment processes successfully, you will get a green successful message at the top of your screen, as well as, a button to print the receipt.

Gateway Sync

Finally, the last tab is gateway sync. This feature is specific to Instant Accept. It’s ideal for anyone who is interested in taking payments from other payment sources which easily syncs back to QuickBooks Online. For example a shopping cart, mobile app or gateway must be connected to the same gateway account Instant Accept is connected to.

How it works

Choose your date range that the transactions were processed within, then click search. A list of transactions for that time period will appear. Next, choose the invoice that you would like the payment attached to. Now choose the account you would like the transactions to show up in. Once you do that you click process import.

The information is synced right back in to your QuickBooks Online.

This concludes our Instant Accept Online Demo, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at (855)220-2840 or contact us.

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Read the Benefits of using Instant Accept Online here or view a demo of QuickBooks and InstantAccept Online. (855) 220-2840.

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