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Receiving a Deposit on a Layaway

Applying Payments to Layaway

After you create your layaway in QuickBooks POS, you will then follow the next steps:

  1. Click the “Green Drop Down” button, in the top left corner, that says ‘I Want to’, Select ‘IA Layaways Order’ from the drop down area
  2. Click the last name of the customer, on the right side of the screen, of the Layaway you would like to take a deposit on. Then click the grey button, on the left side of the screen, that says  “Take Deposit”.
  1. A popup window opens up ‘Take Deposit’.
  2. Type in the deposit amount.
  1. Once you have verified that the amount was entered correctly, Click “OK”.
  2. Next, the popup window to process a Credit Card, Accept Cash or Accept a Check will open.
  3. At this point you can ‘Swipe or ‘Manually Enter’ in the customers payment information information.
  4. Make sure to ‘Click’ on the Payment Type.
    Note: Once a payment type is chosen the button color will change to blue.
  5. ‘Click’ whether you are Swiping a Card or Manually entering a card.
    Note: The button you choose will change to a darker grey.
  6. ‘Verify’ all information is entered correctly.
  7. Click ‘Process’.
  1. When payment is processed “Successfully”, a green check mark with Completed in the bottom left corner will appear.
  2. Now you can click ‘Print’ to print a receipt or ‘Close’ to close out of the payment window.
  1. Close the Layaway list screen by “Clicking” the red X in the top right corner of the screen.

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