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Saving Stored Profile Within Instant Accept

Saving Customer Stored Profiles for Recurring Payments and Much More

Customers are the life blood of all businesses. Many businesses have a customer base that pay for products and services on a monthly or regular basis. Securely saving and storing the customer’s credit card information for future use benefits both parties. Instant Accept refers to this as saving the Customer’s Profile or commonly referred to as Stored Profiles.
We are all familiar with a payments page when we are purchasing a product or service and paying online. We enter our credit card information into the appropriate box along with other pertinent information and press the button to process the transaction.
Customer Stored Profile

On a secure transaction page, the customer’s credit card number is never saved instead it is tokenized when the process transaction button is pressed. Tokenization creates a randomly generated string of alphanumeric characters that replaces the actual primary account number (PAN). The newly created unique token can only be used by the specific merchant it was created for. Additionally, this token can be saved and stored for future usage. A great example of how a token can be used is in the process of recurring payments such as installment payments and recurring monthly billing.

Instant Accept also has the ability to store multiple tokens for the same customer. A customer may purchase regularly from a merchant and wish to pay with several different credit cards or ACH bank accounts, depending on the situation and purpose of the purchase. Storing these unique tokens provides secure, easy access to choose the desired payment method. Both the merchant and the customer will have access to view and update the customer card information.

Tokenization is a very secure process of encrypting and saving the credit card number when paying for something either online or through an EMV terminal. The token which is created, is then used throughout the process and the actual card number is never accessible. We will be discussing the many uses and advantages of storing these tokens when using Instant Accept in our next newsletter. Click the button below to find out more about tokenization.

For more information on stored profiles and the other Instant Accept features including: recurring payments, invoice creation, emailing of invoices and more, please visit our website at or give us a call at 855-220-2840.

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