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Instant Accept


Edit Signature Line on Receipts

How to Edit Signature Line Receipt

Follow these steps to edit signature line of your QuickBooks and InstantAccept Receipts.

  • Go to your POS home screen then select I Want to<IA POS Settings<Receipt Print
  • If you have a logo you would like to upload, simply click on the “Logo” box and upload your png formatted picture.
  • Enter your Merchant Info (Business name/Address/Phone/Website etc.) in the space provided.
Printed Receipt Signature Line Editor

(Optional) If you would like to resize/restructure your signature line receipt then select “Receipt Print Editor”.

From here you can move/resize whatever field you like. Once finished press Save.

If this walk through does not help you try walking through the steps again or contact our technical support team or call (855) 220-2840.

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