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Instant Accept


Refund Transactions for QuickBooks Financial

Refund Transactions in Quickbook Financials with Instant Accept

Walkthrough our easy tutorial for transaction refunds.

  1. Completely close out of the Quickbooks program.
  2. Open Instant Accept Desktop application (IA icon located on your computer’s desktop).
  3. Once logged in (using your IA credentials), select Voids/Refunds icon.
  1. Select date range, customer name, and/or last 4 digits of the card number.
Void / Refund Transactions Report Screenshot
  1. Choose to refund transaction. When you choose to refund then you will be prompted to create a credit memo for this transaction for your Quickbooks record.
Do you want to create a credit memo screenshot
  1. Fill out the credit memo page with the information for that transaction and select Your refund is complete.

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