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Small Businesses and the Struggles They Have Endured Through the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses had to change up the way they handle their businesses. Although many businesses rely on their income from their storefront, they were forced to expand the capability to offer ecommerce for their customers.

Improving fulfillment and distribution centers to manage improved consumers ability to shop however they choose. With high demand of contactless payments, curbside pickup and shopping by appointment consumers were given more opportunities to stay safe while shopping. With the precautions put in place for COVID-19 70% of consumers felt comfortable enough to continue shopping in retail establishments, per a recent NRF consumer study.

With the NRF at the forefront of a new program created, referred to as Operation Open Doors. Many leaders of retail were given the opportunity to share and contribute their knowledge and contribute to creating an operation roadmap for operating businesses responsibly with their customers safety in mind.

With Instant Accept and QuickBooks partnership it is easier than ever to implement these same ideals within your business as well as improving your business processes, saving you time and money while increasing revenue.

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With Instant Accept you can know that your customer data is safe and secure within a PCI Compliant environment. Fewer hassles, better security, and freedom to grow. Run your business the way that you want to. Why not get started now by clicking the sign-up button below! Do it today!

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